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An average sized residential home will only take 2 to 3 days to finish. You’ll quickly enjoy the security and privacy of your new yard!

Fence Services Offered

The most popular choice for fences in Edmonton – both economic and long lasting.

Aromatic, gorgeous, strong, and very long lasting. This is a wood that ages well and is our recommended choice, if it is in your budget

If you’re looking to fence off a large area, or looking for the most affordable option, then look into our fence packages for this fence style.

Want to never worry about your fence again after installation? A completely maintenance free, and extremely long lasting material. Customizable in a variety of styles and colours.

Add maintenance free elegance to your yard with a high quality ornamental fence. A fast growing product category, ornamental fencing is highly suitable for a harsh Edmonton climate.

An easy way to cut down on costs when fencing a large area where there are less privacy concerns. Yet, still provides an attractive appeal.

Why Choose Sovereign Fence?

Treated Fence by Edmonton Fence Builders
"I had a great experience with Sovereign Fence. I needed to get our fence replaced, they responded and came out very quickly to do the estimate. I am very happy with the new fence, and the communication throughout the build."
Michelle F

Get An Affordable & Long Lasting Fence

We take no shortcuts when building a fence, and pride ourselves on being an educated and wise decision for our customers deciding which Edmonton fence builders to contract. For starters, we provide competitive pricing and top notch craftsmanship and engineering, with carefully selected materials. With the proper maintenance, our fences will stand the test of time without a question.

We only use quality materials, with construction methods that are engineered to have a high lifetime. For example, we only use ACQ screws for our stringers (or horizontal boards), allowing home owners to make easily take out individual boards for replacement, or temporarily remove entire sections to allow for easier access. Our product orders always include an allowance for wastage, and the worst of the wood never gets used. We are truly passionate about building aesthetically gorgeous fences that are both economical, well-made, and long lasting. 

Ready for the security, and privacy of a new fence for your home or business property? Contact us today for your free quote, we’re excited to hear from you!

Quality Fence Building - Everytime.

We provide the highest quality wood fence, vinyl fence, and fence post services in Edmonton. Our years of experience has equipped us to be prepared for any situation, whether it be a project for a residential house, or a commercial site for a business.

Why are we the best of the Edmonton fence builders? Well, besides our detailed free estimates, we also provide all pricing within 24 hours of being contacted. We guarantee all work with an industry leading warranty and our installation process exceeds engineering standards and requirements for a durable fence. We only use screws, not nails, for our projects that use treated lumber material. We’ve been serving the Edmonton area since 2014, and understand our customers needs. We provide a very popular service for DIYers  who wish to get the posts installed professionally.

We offer an array of materials for the construction of your fencing. Speak with one of our talented estimators to find out what material choice is best for your requirements. Some neighborhoods will have a required fence type in both style and material, while other, often older neighborhoods, are not limited by community code on which type of fence they are able to build. Treated lumber remains the most popular option throughout the province, it is able to put provide both durability and economy, making it an attractive option.

No matter what your fencing or deck project be, rest assured that at Sovereign Fence we only provide quality work, using reliable carpentry methods from start to finish, that results in beautiful fences which will stand the test of time.



Frequently Asked Questions


The ideal situation is to build the fence after finishing your rough grade, but before final grade/sodding. This allows us to leave the dirt & save you money. However, we can build at any stage, including replacement of an old fence.

At Sovereign Fence, we only use screws throughout the entire construction process. We believe screws hold tighter and prevent warping/twisting of boards more effectively than nails. It also enables our customers to more easily repair a section, or temporarily remove an entire section for better access.

Yes, it is a free service provided at Alberta One Call 1-800-242-3447 or at their website here.
Alternatively; we can arrange it for you after you book our services.

To speed up the process, please arrange to have Alberta One Call mark out utilities, as well as provide a copy of your RPR (Real Property Report). Please also discuss with your neighbors if you are building the fence on the property line and splitting the cost.

For pressure-treated fences, it will add to the longevity of the fence, but is not completely necessary. Ideally, you plan to paint or stain the fence after 1-year to allow moisture to leave the wood. 

If you have finished landscaping we will do our best to laydown plywood while drilling and remove as much dirt as possible. Our machine does minimal to no damage to lawns. If you build before final grading, then you can save dirt removal fees!

We are able to provide quotes for most of northern Alberta. Please visit our Service Areas page for a list of all of the locations we provide service to.

The City of Edmonton does not require a permit for a fence build on your property for fences up to 73″ or 6’1. You may apply for a permit for fences exceeding this height. Read more here.

"Great job and I would recommend anyone else looking to get a fence built to go straight to Sovereign Fence, surprised how clean the yard was afterward. Love the fence!"
Cindy L

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We happily and routinely provide fencing installation services to most of northern Alberta for a range of fence types from wood (pressure treated or cedar are common) to chain link or vinyl options.

Get in touch with us today and be seamlessly guided through our estimate process and have your quote back within 24 hours. We can help you choose the most appropriate material type and style of construction for your specific property and needs. 

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