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Ornamental Fence

At Sovereign Fence we use Ameristar fence products for our ornamental fence builds.The product is a fully welded panel with profusion technology, an e-coat surface protection, is used with sustainable materials (100% domestic steel up to 97% recycled content), and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. On the left is a “Classic” syle, on the right, a “Majestic” style. We stock Majestic, Classic, and Genesis fence styles. Others are available for Edmonton ornamental fences on custom order. Please visit our manufacturers website for more details http://www.ameristarfence.com/residential/Montage


Ornamental Fences in Edmonton

Ornamental fencing has become more and more popular throughout the market over the last ten years. Ornamental fences provide the elegant look of wrought-iron fencing, but without the demanding and expensive maintenance. Not to mention the prohibitive up-front cost of wrought iron fencing. Fortunately, today’s advancements in manufacturing have enabled the market to open up, with Ornamental Fencing being more durable and economical than wrought-iron.

Ornamental fences are available in tonnes of styles on custom order. The most common installations are the Montage line of products, usually wit the Majestic or Classic fence style. But there are also the Warrior, Genesis, and Crescent styles which may suit your preferences better. Available in heights of 4′, 5′, and 6′, with 3′, and 3 1/2′ available on special order. There are additional customzation options available, jsut as finials and adornments, which can add an unique appeal to your property. Ornamental fences can be relied on to look as beautiful in decades to come as they are the day they are installed, and as such, are a great value in the long run, boosting curb appeal and property value.

Edmonton Ornamental Fences

We understand that an ornamental fencing project can be a sizable investment for our clients. Which is why we take no shortcuts throughout the installation process and have a measure twice, cut once attitude toward the product and craftsmanship of your fence. These fences are engineered to last and despite being made of an environmentally friendly material, they are incredibly durable in even the harsh Edmonton alberta climate. If you’re considering a fence that comes maintenance free, is elegantly beautiful, and adds to your property value, then an ornamental fence may be the best choice for your next fence.

Contact us today for a competitive quote for your ornamental fence, installed professionally and timely. We love the final look of this product, and our customers are always floored by how it transforms the final look of their yard.

Why Ornamental is the BEST choice for your fence

Other Fence Choices

If you are looking for more privacy than an ornamental fence provides, but still want the lifetime and maintenance benefits that ornamental provides, then consider a vinyl fence for your project, which comes in a variety of colors and styles. On the other hand, if ornamental is a bit out of the budget, then perhaps opting for chain link would suit your needs in a more economic fashion. Whatever your choice of material, you can guarantee quality worksmanship at an affordable rate, contact us now for your free quote and find out what special offers we are able to provide you for your fencing project.

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