Edmonton Post and Rail Fences


Post & Rail Fence

Consisting of a post and either two rails, or three rails, a post & rail fence is the perfect solution for an acreage or pasture. We use pressure treated materials to ensure longevity and protect against rot, insects, and decay. Edmonton post and rail fences are great value, with a low cost per linear foot. We are able to accomodate our customers with a variety of styles depending on the specific needs of their property.

Edmonton Post and Rail Fences
Post and rail fence in green field rural alberta


Post & Rail Fences in Edmonton

There are numerous styles and material sizes, but the most popular is a 3-rail design with 5 1/4″ x 7′ doweled posts, which are hydraullically driven into the ground. It includes 3 1/2″ rails. This design provides heaps and bounds more strength and longevity than the rustic look of a split rail fence, with notched posts, and is recommended. We also use 6 inch 3/8 lag screws in this build, so you don’t need to worry about maintenance, and since its pressure treated – no need to paint either. However, we will work with you and your budget to recommend different fencing solutions for you.

If aesthetics are a concern when considering which fence style to go with, then look no further than this fence type to greatly enhance the homestead aesthetic of your farm or acreage, while enjoying a cheap cost per linear foot. We understand our customers looking for this fence type often have large properties to fence, but a properly installed fence with quality carpentry and materials is a worthwhile investment which will increase the property value.

If you desire increased privacy, then consider going with a treated privacy fence, or a chain link fence with privacy slats for a more economic option. Whatever your choice of material, you can guarantee quality worksmanship at an affordable rate, contact us now for your free quote and find out what special offers we are able to provide you for your fencing project.

If you are looking to contain animals with the fence, then 3-rail is the superior choice. Otherwise 2-rail may be a suitable option if you are looking to save on material and installation costs. Don’t hesitate to discuss the options available to you with your estimator. If you are curious you may also check out our supplier for this fence type at Golden Spike Lumber for more information.

An Aesthetic Approach - Split Rail Fencing

If you are less concerned about strength and longevity, and more so about adding a rustic feel and homestead aesthetic as a main priority, then consider a notched-post design. In any case, your estimator at Sovereign Fence will be happy to work with you to decide which style of post and rail fencing is most suitable for your property.

Of course, you don’t need to live in the country on a farm, or own livestock in order to get a split rail or post and rail fence. If you simply enjoy the aesthetic appeal and rustic ambiance that it adds to your property or home, then by all means contact us today for a competitive quote on professionally installed, engineered to last Edmonton post and rail fences.

Why Post & Rail is the BEST choice for your fence

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