Edmonton Pressure Treated Fences

Green Panels of pressure treated lumber


Pressure Treated Green

Pressure treated green wood initially has a pronounced green hue to it upon being freshly treated and shipped out. After a year or so, it fades to a gorgeous golden brown. Edmonton pressure treated fences were most often constructed from this material type until the last decade or so, when a brown dye was created to offer a different color.


Pressure Treated Brown

Pressure treated brown wood is a darker colour upon initial installation, but fades to a more neutral wood colour within a year. More comparable to cedar in appearance than pressure treated green, but just as economical. The natural colour of the tone preservative is greenish; and is masked with brown colouring to create this popular finished look at an affordable price

Edmonton Pressure Treated Fences Panelling
Example of Brown Color Pressure Treated Fence Edmonton

An economic powerhouse

Pressure Treated Wood

In Edmonton, pressure treated wood is the number one choice for residential fencing and often required in new neighborhoods. Pressure treated wood is almost always pine. Both green and brown pressure treated wood ages brilliantly. It is extremely long lasting and will last virtually as long as you want it to. Service lives of over 60 years for treated fence posts in ground contact have been documented. However, in order to approach this kind of service life of your wood, it needs to be maintained and most importantly; installed correctly to begin with.

Before painting or staining your pressure treated wood, the manufacturer recommends waiting 2 years. However, 1-year is plenty of time to allow any excess moisture present in the wood to make its way out and allow for a nice even coat of stain or paint. If you wanted to get technical, the lumber must be dried to 19% moisture content. If you’re looking for more information on how pressure treated lumber works, check out this resource. Edmonton pressure treated fences have long served as a reliable option for the surrounding climate.

Do you need to paint/stain your pressure treated fence? It isn’t 100% necessary, but will certainly increase the longevity of the wood. If you are trying to avoid maintenance, then note that the treatment present in the wood will take much longer to fade than the colour of it. 

Why Pressure Treated Wood is the BEST Choice For Your Fence

Is Pressure Treated Lumber Safe?

Although it is true that the dangers of treated wood have made news headlines years ago, in 2019 the products on the market are much less harmful to our health. However, they still get the job done in providing an economical material which protects exceptionally well against rot, fungus, mold, and insect infestations. In fact, the wood will actually work to help repel insects from your yard all together. All of our pressure treated wood is treated with alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ), which is the most common type of treatment for lumber in Western Canada. As a result, all of the screws we use throughout construction (at Sovereign Fence, we don’t use nails, only screws) are ACQ approved.

Wood Fence Styles

The most common wood type for fencing material in Edmonton is pressure-treated spruce. Cedar is another standard premium option. Please inquire if you have another wood type in mind.

Essentially you have the choice between 4×4, 4×6, or 6×6 posts. Horizontal rails can be 2×4 or 2×6 and there can be 2 or 3. Fence pickets may be spaced out, tightly butted together, or overlapped for complete privacy. The post tops may be cut into a pyramid, flat, or at a consistent angle all the way across. You may also opt for a decorative top covering. Spans between fence posts are typically 8′ wide, although with 6×6 posts 10′ spans is common.

The City of Edmonton allows for fence heights of up to 1.85m or 6’1″ in the side and rear yard, and 1.2m or 4′ in the front yard, you can read more about city fence bylaws here. Also, remember we are able to build any design requested and will advise you when a permit would be needed.

The following descriptions of different fence styles are just examples to give you an idea of what is potentially available. We are able to accommodate any desired style.


Pressure Treated Green

  •  4x6x10′ Posts dug 3′ – 4′ deep and set in concrete.
  • 2 Horizontal 2×6 rails, at the top and bottom
  • 1×6 Fence boards tightly butted together.
  • The fence is closed with 1×6 facia boards horizontally on the other side. 
  • The fence is finished with pyramid-style cut post tops.


Fortress Fence Style in Pressure Treated Brown

Pressure Treated Brown

  •  4x6x10′ Posts dug 3′ – 4′ deep and set in concrete.
  • 2 Horizontal 2×6 rails, at the top and bottom. One horizontal 2×4 rail in the middle
  • 1×6 Fence boards tightly butted together.
  • The fence is closed with 1×6 facia boards horizontally on the other side. 
  • The post tops are cut flat at the height of the fence, and a cap board is placed on top


Pressure Treated Sienna Brown

  •  6x6x10′ posts dug 3′ – 4′ deep and set in concrete.
  • Two horizontal 2×6 rails are placed at the top and bottom. One horizontal 2×4 rail in the middle
  • 1×6 picket boards are overlapped for full privacy.
  • The fence is closed with 1×6 facia boards horizontally on the other side. 
  • The fence is finished with pyramid style cut post tops.


Horizontal Fence With Cedar Wood

Western Red Cedar Wood

  •  4x6x10′ posts dug 3′ – 4′ deep and set in concrete.
  • 1x6x8′ horizontally installed fence boards. Optionally with alternating widths (1×2″ or 1×4″)
  • 2x4x6′ Brace installed halfway between post spans
  • The post tops are cut at an angle or flat
  • There are a few styles of horizontal fence to choose from – read more here

Other Fence Choices

If you are looking to fence off a much larger area, then perhaps consider to go with a post & rail fence to cut down on the linear cost per foot and add a rustic feel to your property. Or, if you are looking to maintain the security and privacy of a board to board wood fence, but with a more aesthetic appeal, then consider going with a cedar fence.

Whatever your choice of material, you can guarantee quality worksmanship at an affordable rate, contact us now for your free quote and find out what special offers we are able to provide you for your fencing project.

Great job and I would recommend anyone else looking to get a fence built to go straight to Sovereign Fence, surprised how clean the yard was afterward. Love the fence.
Cindy L

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