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The ideal situation is to build the fence after finishing your rough grade, but before final grade/sodding. This allows us to leave the dirt & save you money. However, we can build at any stage, including replacement of an old fence.

At Sovereign Fence, we only use screws throughout the entire construction process. We believe screws hold tighter and prevent warping/twisting of boards more effectively than nails. It also enables our customers to more easily repair a section, or temporarily remove an entire section for better access.

Yes, it is a free service provided at Alberta One Call 1-800-242-3447 or at their website; http://albertaonecall.com/submit-a-locate-request/
Alternatively; we can arrange it for you after you book our services.

To speed up the process, please arrange to have Alberta One Call mark out utilities, as well as provide a copy of your RPR (Real Property Report). Please also discuss with your neighbors if you are building the fence on the property line and splitting the cost.

For pressure-treated fences, it will add to the longevity of the fence, but is not completely necessary. Ideally, you plan to paint or stain the fence after 1-year to allow moisture to leave the wood. 

If you have finished landscaping we will do our best to laydown plywood while drilling and remove as much dirt as possible. Our machine does minimal to no damage to lawns. If you build before final grading, then you can save dirt removal fees!

We are able to provide quotes for most of northern Alberta. Please visit our Service Areas page for a list of all of the locations we provide service to.

The City of Edmonton does not require a permit for a fence build on your property for fences up to 73″ or 6’1. You may apply for a permit for fences exceeding this height, read more in our article here.

The prices of wood have been steadily rising over the past few years and 2023 is no exception. For a 100ft fence, expect to pay $2500-$3500 for the cost of wood and concrete. On top of that you’ll need equipment or a subcontractor to dig the holes for you, and then – the removal of of the dirt tailings from the holes. With screws and some other fees, expect roughly $3000-$4000 plus your own labor.

Fences are priced by the linear foot, which varies depending on the material type and the total linear feet. As well, the current state of the landscaping, slopes, and other factors are taken into consideration when pricing a job. A typical 100ft fence in Edmonton with pressure treated wood is about $4600 in rough grade with 4×6 posts.

In the City of Edmonton, residential fences are to be 73″ maximum. With a permit, you are able to get a higher fence such as 7 or 8 foot, in situations such as public walkways, highways, etc.

Chain link fence is the cheapest per linear foot, but offers less privacy and security. Once you add privacy slats to your chain link, you are close to the cost of a simple wood fence made out of pressure treated wood.

If you and your neighbor are in agreement and splitting the cost of the fence, the fence is typically built directly over the propertly line. If you are paying for the entire fence, then it would be built so the edge of the wood is on the edge of your property and the entire fence is within your yard. In this way your neighbor cannot paint or hang anything on the fence.

Gatees are priced on top of the linear footage and range from $150 for a simple gate, and up for custom gates.

I had a great experience with Sovereign Fence. I needed to get our fence replaced, they responded and came out very quickly to do the estimate. I am very happy with the new fence, and the communication throughout the build.
Michelle F

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