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A Modern Aesthetic

Horizontal Fence

Horizontal fences are becoming more popular in recent years. They offer a unique and modern finish to your home. You’ll often see them in upper end yards, however, don’t carry the misconception that this style must come at substantially higher installation rates. Depending on the configuration you choose, an Edmonton horizontal fence can come out at a very similar price as a standard vertical fence design. Our estimators at Sovereign Fence can guide you through the decision-making process.

The King of Wood

Horizontal Fence in Edmonton

If you are considering looking for a unique and modern-looking fence design with privacy, security, and style in your home and backyard, a horizontal wooden fence might be the right choice for you.

Unlike usual vertical fences that have been in the region for centuries, horizontal fences are a contemporary take on the timeless old classic of your standard verticle option. The sleek and stylish look offers unparalleled curb appeal, making your property stand out from others on the block.

There are, however, many different styles of horizontal fencing to consider.

You could consider a board-on-board design. One of the biggest advantages of installing this type of fencing is the added privacy it provides. The boards are placed side by side, so there are no gaps between them as you would find in traditional vertical fencing. This means you can enjoy more seclusion without worrying about prying eyes or nosy neighbors.


Why Horizontal Fence is the BEST choice for your fence

An Unmatched and Unique Design

Another benefit of going with a horizontal fence design is its ability to increase your property value. The modern look of this type of fence is popular among homeowners today and can give your house an updated appearance that buyers will appreciate if you decide to sell later.

In terms of maintenance, they require very little upkeep. Pressure-treated or cedar wood used in their construction has natural resistance against rot, decay, and insects so they last long without needing much attention from you.

However, like any fencing material exposed outdoors constantly, over time dirt accumulates on it which may need cleaning using water power washing or soft brush scrubbing with mild detergent solutions, if you are looking to maintain the same pristine beauty the fence had since the installed date.

What Are The Downsides To A Horizontal Fence

While there are many benefits to choosing a horizontal wooden fence design for your home and backyard area, there are also some potential downsides to consider as well.

For example:

– Installation costs may be higher than other types of fences due to the need for precision cutting.
– Board-on-board designs don’t have spaces between boards unlike vertical fencing styles — they’re not ideal for windy areas where gusts could cause damage or create noise.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for an estimate though, because there are economic setups which you can read about below which offer similar installation costs to a standard fence.

Ultimately, the decision to install a horizontal wooden fence comes down to your personal preferences and needs. If you’re looking for a contemporary and stylish way to add privacy and security to your home, then this type of fencing might be just what you need. Just remember to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making any final decisions.

Horizontal Fence Styles

There are probably a dozen ways to go about building a horizontal fence. Below lists the most common ways we construct our designs, although we can advise and accommodate various set-ups. However, our recommendation would be for 4×6″ posts for all designs.

Here are some things to considerations to discuss when deciding on the specifications for your project:

1 – How far apart will posts be placed? Both 8 and 6 feet are common – you would never want to go 10 feet for this design

2 – Is it necessary for you to create an identical look on both sides of the fence? A “good neighbor” design. Most styles could be changed to a good neighbor design at a small cost increase.

3 – Do you want a “top cap” or piece of wood to be installed above the fence? We recommend a deck board that is rounded and allows for moisture to drain more easily off the flat surface on the top of the fence which can accumulate a lot of water or snow

4 – What material – treated wood or western red cedar?

5 – Do you want alternating board widths?

6 – How much privacy do you want? Are small gaps ok?

When reaching out for a quote for this fence style, it would be best to quickly answer the above questions on your form to facilitate the process of getting a price back.

The following descriptions of different fence styles are just examples to give you an idea of what is potentially available. We are able to accommodate any desired style.


Standard horizontal fence in treated wood

Pressure Treated Green, no top cap

  •  A common and economical set-up
  • Posts placed 8 feet apart
  • 1x6x8′ boards installed horizontally with a 1/2″ gap between
  • No top cap in photo
  • Halfway between posts, a 2×4 “stay” or brace is installed to prevent sagging
  • Post tops cut at the height of the fence 


Cedar Stained fence with alternating board pattern

Alternating picket widths

  •  An elegant design with a moderate cost of installation
  • 4×6 Posts placed 6 feet apart
  • 1x6x6′ and 1x2x6′ boards alternating installed horizontally
  • Optional top cap
  • Post tops cut at the height of the fence

"Shadow Box"

Shadowbox Horizontal (1) (1)

Mock-up design for shadowbox

  • A more costly install due to the amount of wood, but offers more privacy
  • A “good neighbor” design
  • 4×6 Posts placed 8 feet apart
  • 1x6x8′ boards installed horizontally with a 4″ gap between
  • Another row of boards is placed on the other side to fill in the gaps
  • Optional top cap included in photo
  • Halfway between posts, a 2×4 “stay” or brace is installed to prevent sagging

"Board on Board"

Cedar board on board

Cedar board on board & top cap

  • Complete privacy with overlapped pickets
  • Doesn’t allow wind through, not best for high wind locations
  • Posts placed 8 feet apart
  • 1x6x8′ boards installed horizontally with no gaps
  • Optional top cap included in photo
  • Halfway between posts, a 2×4 “stay” or brace is installed to prevent sagging
  • Post tops cut at the height of the fence 

Other Fence Choices

Looking to tackle the project yourself? Consider our DIY fence packages where we order the wood for you or our fence post installation service. Whatever your choice of material, you can guarantee quality workmanship at an affordable rate, contact us now for your free quote and find out what special offers we are able to provide you for your fencing project.

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